Drum Roll Please…

Working on my blog.

I was taken aback when I was first approached to write a blog as part of my work at the Peninsula Jewish Community Center. Blogging seems so self-important, as if your audience is waiting with baited breath to receive your every word. I’ve spent some hours researching and reading Jewish blog sites and the level of pontificating is steep indeed.

But I slowly began to warm to the idea. In many ways a blog seems like a natural next step for an educator like me who not only likes to share what I know but also appreciates learning from those around me. I began to imagine that this blog could be the start of a conversation about what it means to us – you and me — to be Jewish and how we can make our Jewish lives meaningful. I think about these questions all the time; maybe you do too. There’s no right answer to these questions, just our ideas, our thoughts and feelings. What if we could share those thoughts here?

It occurs to me that the PJCC might be the perfect sponsor for a blog about wrestling with Jewishness. After all, “Welcoming Everyone” is one of the PJCC’s Guiding Principles. Jew and non-Jew, religious or secular, no matter who you are or what you believe, you are welcome here. We value all views and opinions. That makes the PJCC an exciting place to examine and discuss critical and interesting issues.

I hope this blog will be a place you will feel comfortable visiting often to explore the experience of contemporary Jewish life. Here we can discuss the meaning of the High Holidays and the “December Dilemma,” how to create a bar/bat mitzvah celebration and how to be involved in tikkun olam (“repairing the world,” i.e. social justice activities), the politics of Israel and how to create a more inclusive Jewish community, and anything else that’s on your minds as well.

So…. the rabbi is in. Let’s start the conversation.